“Patience is ev…


“Patience is everything!” Rainer Maria Rilke

“In this there is no measuring with time, a year doesn’t matter, and ten years are nothing. Being an artist means: not numbering and counting, but ripening like a tree, which doesn’t force its sap, and stands confidently in the storms of spring, not afraid that afterward summer may not come. It does come. But it comes only to those who are patient, who are there as if eternity lay before them, so unconcernedly silent and vast. I learn it every day of my life, learn it with pain I am grateful for: patience is everything!”

Happiness, I want you.




“Life is a succession of crisscrosses driven by Hope, headed towards Happiness. We all are Crisscrossers.”

During the course of our life we often find ourselves in the need of making a choice. This is what I call a crisscross. Life forces us to make choices continuosly, and if most times you start thinking about the infinite number of possibilities, you feel lost. Sometimes you feel so lost that you don’t know what future you should expect anymore. You don’t know what you’re looking for. You feel so disorientated that you see only your questions and not your Answer. That’s when you have to think that you are not alone, and that many others like you are facing the same problem.

A good solution to this problem is to share our experiences. Talk about it with other people. When you share your thoughts and experiences you will find out that many others are facing or have faced the same situation.
That’s when you discover that we are all linked by empathy. We all have something in common: we are all looking for Happiness, and during our search we are all guided by Hope. Happiness is the main target of our life, the true answer to all your questions.

I think that life is a succession of Crisscrosses. We are “crisscrossers” and we go across other “crisscrossers”. This is why we are inspired and we will find solutions by mixing our experiences. In the end, we are all connected, and that’s our precious power.

That’s why on this blog you will find the place where to freely express yourself and where to get from other people a powerful motivation for your life.

Happiness, I want you.